About Russ Streiner

Among the Pittsburgh film community, Russ Streiner is best known as a film producer/director who is also at the center of film community leadership. Russ is the founder and chair of the PITTSBURGH FILM OFFICE (PFO). That leadership has enabled Pittsburgh to have one of the most effective film office operations in the United States. Details and accomplishments of the PFO can be found on its website: pghfilm.org
The PFO is one of Pittsburgh’s leading non-profit organizations.

Among horror movie fans, Russ is best known for his role as “Johnny” in the 1968 George A. Romero classic, “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.” Russ was also the producer of that film. Many in ┬áthe Pittsburgh film community credit “NIGHT” as having established the modern-day, independent film business in the region.

Along with John Russo and George Romero, Russ is an Executive Producer of “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” – LIVE, the popular stage adaption of the classic film. After a successful two-part run in Toronto in 2013, “Night” – LIVE will now be licensed to theater venues worldwide.

In educational circles, Russ is a frequent mentor of young entrepreneurs and filmmakers in both classroom and online environments.

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